Miso soup with tofu, asparagus, cabbage and furikake seasoning.

miso soup with vegetables tofu and furikake

    We are not all about diets, January is over after all. However, a plethora of children’s birthday parties has led to an above average production and consumption of cakes and chocolate chip cookies. So weekdays have been a time to reset and readjust, and this recipe will do just that with lashings of…

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Black Rice with Baked Cod and Charred Greens

Baked cod, charred greens black rice

I have been following some of the delicious recipes in Bon Appetit over the last month – they do a ‘food lovers cleanse’ series of recipe every January, that are full of flavour, beautiful as well as being well balanced and nutritious. I saw this recipe for black rice with toasted hazelnuts as a side dish…

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Winter granola recipe and other easy, healthy breakfast ideas.


Breakfast. Do you bother or are you busy soaking in an ice cold bath? Seriously, some weight loss plans advise you to skip breakfast. The ‘6 weeks to OMG’ diet suggests going further- take a cold water bath and drink a black coffee instead. However instead of trying ways to boost that elusive metabolism, longer term success is…

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